Indigenous craft courses

If you want to visit Amazonic jungle not only as a tourist and start to understand the life of  the local people of this natural and misterious world you may want to study how they make and used to made many centuries ago their handicrafts.

We offer courses of:

1) Traditional huaorani handicraft - thread elaboration of  the amazonic plants, painting it with the natural colours, making hammocks, traditional hauorani clothes, shigras and fishing nets.

The course is given by a huaorani woman Carmen here in Misahualli. During the course you will receive as well a kit of the threads to finish your hammock at home.
She will tell you a story about the old days and nowday life of huaorani.
The price is 40 USD per day for a group up to 8 persons (you should pay for the threads additionally)

2) Making ceramics in the traditional manner of indians kichwa.

You will learn how to elaborate ceramics and paint them in kichwa style. The course is given by woman kichwa Maria. She is ready to share the story of her life of a mother of 10 children - typical hard life of an indian woman in the natural enviroment, tell about traditions and style of life of kichwas.
The price is 40 USD per day for a group up to 8 persons