Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Amazonas ecosystem, particularly its rainforest, is considered to be one of the richest and most complex communities of flora and fauna in the world. The principal Amazon artery for visitors is river Napo, a major tributary of the main Amazon river. Along the length of the Napo natives have established communities. Most of the shore is covered with tropical forest and riverbeds formed many attractive lakes.
Historically, the indigenous communities have been able to maintain a productive subsistence within the existing ecosystems of vast forest preserve. Misahualli is surrounded by numerous indian communities quichua and huaorani, located in a distance.
Rainforest is a home of numerous monkey, parrots, toucans, tapirs, ocelots, armadillos, caimanes, piranhas, turtles, butterflies, richest variety of insects, frogs and many other species.
Here in Banana Lodge. located in a walking distance from the center of Misahualli, you can enjoy staying in the nature, take jungle tours, study traditions of natives, discover ritual of ayahuaska, make rufting, tubing, trekking or relax in a hammock and swimming in the river.
We offer tailored tours depending on your time and interests, do not hesitate to send a request and ask more information.

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