In the heart of the Amazon in Ecuador you may enjoy our natural cozy accommodation and explore magical jungle world at your pace. 

Banana Lodge is located directly on the bank of the river Misahualli and bear its name for the banana plants growing in its territory. You will enjoy a view at primary rain forest and river Misahualli right from the lodge. You can  swim in the river and relax on the natural private beach or in a hummock hut. 

Our botanical garden has a great variety of fruit and ornamental plants of the area - bananas, coffee, cacao, orange, lemon, pineapples, guava, zapote, heliconias, sugar canes, orchids, bromeliads and others.

It takes just 10 minutes to reach the Lodge from the central park of Puerto Misahualli by foot so you may arrange your leisure time at your taste - give us an opportunity to guide you (we have tours for every taste) or discover the surroundings yourselves.

Banana Lodge offers nine cozy rooms with private bathrooms for 24 guests, a hut with hammocks, great river view with a terrace, fruit garden around, free internet access Wi-Fi everywhere. 
We also have a guest kitchen with a refrigerator and provide free safe parking.
4 rooms are equipped with air conditioners.

Rates effective since the 21th of January 2022 

For one night stay: single - 35 USD, double - 55 USD, triple - 80 USD, quadruple - 100 USD. The prices are per room per night. Delicious breakfast is included.

For several nights stay: single - 30 USD, double - 50 USD, triple - 75 USD, quadruple - 90 USD. The prices are per room per night. Delicious breakfast is included.

Book your stay directly: email, whatsapp: +593998885169