1 day tour on a motor boat

Duration 9 am - 6 pm

The tour starts on the beach where join 2 rivers Napo and Misahualli. The canoe firs heads towards indigenous family where you can see how they elaborate natural fiber, ceramics and plantations. The next activity is a walk of 1-2 hours in the primary forest where you can get an explanation of vegetation in the jungle, see some insects/frogs and understand how the native people use local nature in their routine life. 
Finishing trekking you can continue down the river making tubing, heading to the place of lunch.
After lunch the group heads to Amazoonico - the animal rescue center or optionally to another trekking to see the traps in their natural size and plantations of pineapples.
The last destination is an indigenous community where they perform dances and preparation of chicha of manioc. 

During the day on the river you can see gold washers and daily life of the families, living by the rivers.

Price - 65 USD per person for a group from 4 persons. This price includes lunch, all entrance fees, transportation during the tour, rubber boots. Our guide speaks Spanish and English. The tour is performed by one of the travel agencies of Misahualli